Tracks & Go-karts

Go-kart track 1

Here you can really work to get into the flow. The long sides are made up of a few fast turn combinations that require you to keep up the pace and concentration at all times.

The track is 700 meters long and is generally a fast track. The course does not have many slow corners and thus the flow on the course is very high.

Turnaround time in dry weather
42-45 seconds

Lap time in the rain
57-70 seconds

Go-kart track 2

The track for the driving geeks. There are plenty of corners, and three of them require you to control the brakes, steering wheel and accelerator to get the best speed out of the corner. Track 2 is quite challenging - are you ready for it?

The track is 700 meters long and contains many turns - as mentioned, it is therefore important that you have control of the brakes, throttle and steering wheel on our track 2

Turnaround time in dry weather
41-44 seconds

Lap time in the rain
62-75 seconds

Full Pathway

The perfect mix of fast sections and tight, winding combinations make the full course a real challenge.

The length makes it perfect for larger events where there is still room to spread out.

The course is 1400 meters long and is composed of course 1 and course 2.

This track includes a well-known corner at Vojens Motorsport Arena - the "pomfrite", which is a left turn that goes slightly downhill.

Denmark's largest go-kart track

Vojens Motorsport Arena doesn't just have one go-kart track - we have three go-kart tracks ready for you and your friends! Whether you're looking for speed, pace and fast corners or a technical challenge with tight turns, we have a track for you.

Our track is between 8 and 12 meters wide, so there are plenty of opportunities to overtake wherever you are on the track. If you have a lot of people racing at the same time, we can combine the tracks into one 1,400 meter long track - the same one we use for professional races on the track.

With the modernization of our facilities, our tracks are also approved for large, international go-kart races.

The track is between 8-12 meters wide, so there are plenty of opportunities for overtaking, and the track meets all safety requirements. Both tracks have an AMB timing system with monitor.

After the race, you can print out your results and best lap times for free.


There's plenty of speed and great handling in our main rental go-kart. You'll experience a professionally built go-kart that gives you the real feeling of racing.

At the same time, the comfortable seat and adjustable pedals provide good support, even if you're on a longer run.


Safety comes first when it's time to get the kids on the field.

There are 360-degree guards around the kart, and the steering wheel, seat and pedals can be adjusted to give you the best possible seating position in the go-kart.


Our two-seater go-kart allows you to experience the speed and adrenaline of a go-kart without being behind the wheel.

Drive with a friend or family member behind the wheel, or alternatively one of our local go-kart drivers who can give you a quick spin around the track.

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