About Our Motorsport Arena

At Vojens Motorsport Arena you get the opportunity to drive on Denmark's longest go-kart track at 1400 meters.

We have a place where you and your friends or colleagues can have fun for a few hours, feel the speed and adrenaline, laugh at each other and get to know each other in new ways.

All centered around a track that is currently being upgraded to an international standard go-kart track.

It's the closest you can get to being a racing driver without actually being one.

If you want to do more than just go karting, we offer tailor-made events for companies or groups as needed.

The future at Our Motorsport Arena

We are in the process of upgrading the facilities at Vojens Motorsport Arena, and step by step this will mean better karting experiences for you.

Some of the things you will experience in the next few years are:

Brand new asphalt
The installation of new asphalt on the track, which gives a really nice feel in both the corners and on the fast parts.

New buildings
1200m2 with its own restaurant and meeting facilities, so both companies and private groups can make a good day at the track a little longer and combine it with social or work-related activities.

In addition, we are of course improving the changing facilities and building a grandstand to make it more fun to be a spectator.

We have 4 professional simulators that can give you a very lifelike experience of racing on many of the famous race tracks around the world - you can book the simulators if you prefer to race in the virtual world. Or if you want to supplement a track day with simulator racing.

New equestrian yard
Makes it easier to get on and off the field quickly.

We look forward to welcoming you in these surroundings, but we are proud that we can already offer racing on Denmark's longest go-kart track.

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