Vojens Motorsport Arena


Go go-karting on one of Vojens Motorsport Arena's two outdoor go-kart tracks against friends, family, colleagues or other good people. 

We have several different types of events that you can drive. Time Trial, Formula 1, Le Mans and our Pro Kart Event. 


We are Denmark's largest go-karting facility and have brand new facilities - this means we are much more than go-karting, we can offer meeting rooms, events, simulator and restaurant and many other exciting experiences for you - whether private or corporate.


We have catering, so if you want good food after your event at our facility, don't hesitate to contact us.

Food, hotel and meeting rooms

Much more than go-karting

If you love motorsport, you can also watch go-kart racing at its best here on the track. Denmark's largest and most modern go-kart arena, when you've had enough go-karting, you can visit our restaurant, which is dedicated to making great food and catering for groups.


The terrace (140 sqm), restaurant (175 sqm), meeting room 1 (80 sqm) and meeting room 2 (80 sqm) can be connected together to form a 160 sqm room - so a large event, no problem! Book rooms here


We can accommodate around 150 guests, and we can actually combine the entire building so you have the restaurant, the terrace and the 2 meeting rooms.

A full 1400 meters of go-kart track

Denmark's largest go-kart track

Go go-karting on one of our two tracks, each measuring approx. 700m, or combine the tracks and put the pedal to the metal on the 1400 meter long go-kart track, which is the largest go-kart track in Denmark.


We have a total of 3 go-kart tracks - track 1, track 2 and our full track, which is track 1 and track 2 combined! 


We have 35 go-karts at our disposal, so there are plenty of opportunities to hold large events with us.

We look forward to seeing you you at Vojens Motorsport Arena

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